AUGUST 3, 2024

“Great fun!”
“The ERR is the Woodstock of Classic Boat Racing!”
Ron Zarrella – Blackfish

Saturday 8/3/23Nutshell pram with big pink flag for start and finish. The Underwood is the committee boat.
7:00 AMCaptain’s grab-n-go breakfast.
(WB boat house, outdoors, cash only!)
7:15 AMPacket pickup begins
9:00 AMSkippers meeting (and start times announcement) at WoodenBoat.
11:00 AMRace starts
4:00 PMLaunch service begins
4:00 PMBYOB Cocktail party at WoodenBoat
5 – 5:30 PMBBQ Dinner at WoodenBoat 
(Chicken, Pork Rib, Vegan options & sides)
7:00 PMMusic
8:00 PMAwards ceremony
9 – 10:00 PMMusic and dancing
10:30 PMQuiet hours. Launch service ends.

ERR requires a minimum of 5 boats to constitute a division. If there are not 5 boats in either the Modern Classic or the Contemporary division, those boats will compete and be scored in the SOT division for the ERR.

Any Contemporary or Modern Classic boats participating in the Classic Yacht Challenge Series (CYCS) sponsored by CYOA, will be scored in the CYCS with the division assignment they are given by the Classic Rating Formula (CRF).

The IOD fleet will sail and compete only against the other IOD boats.

The Fleet is divided into 10 Divisions:

  1. International One Design (IOD)
  2. Vintage A (VA)
  3. Vintage B (VB)
  4. Classic A (CA)
  5. Classic B (CB)
  6. Classic C (CC)
  7. Spirit of Tradition A (SOTA)
  8. Spirit of Tradition B (SOTB)
  9. Gaff & Schooner (G & S)
  10. Modern Classic (MC)
  11. Contemporary (C)
  • See the SCRATCH SHEET for your class.
  • There will be FIVE starts at 10 minute intervals. 
    (The race committee boat for the start and finish is TBD)
  • The starting procedure is as follows and will be heard over channel 65
  • Watch for the Flags! They are the official indicators in case the horn does not sound
  • If you cross the line early, DO NOT turn around. You will be assessed a 5 minute penalty. Anyone over early will be announced on the radio.
  • In case of a delay, there will be 3 blasts of the horn just prior to the First start. Delay time will be 1/2 hour.
  • Please be careful!  There will be over 100 boats in the starting area and the start will be a busy place.
  • Indicate your intentions and, if in doubt, give way. As usual, the race committee will not hear protests.
  • Be Safe and Have Fun!
HISTORY (click to expand)

The Eggemoggin Reach Regatta began humbly in 1985 with thirteen wooden boats and a dream. Organizer Steve White along with Frank Hull of Brooklin Boatyard first envisioned the race as an opportunity for wooden boat owners to get to together and enjoy each others company as well as to compete. The race quickly grew to 125 boats and is now co-hosted by Brooklin Boatyard and Rockport Marine.. The Regatta’s 15-mile course has remained the same over the years and only once was the race cancelled due to fog. (The party still happened though!) The Camden Feeder Regatta and the Castine Classic Yacht Race soon joined the ERR to create a truly spectacular three-day event.

We want to thank WoodenBoat Publications for the generous use of their anchorage for this event.